Where in Walmart is it?

I live in a fairly small “city,” and we have a Walmart, not a fancy grocery store.  So I do pretty much all my shopping there.

Generally speaking, I think I’m pretty good at guessing where items are going to be located – although I usually have to employ my mad detective skills to do this.  And that’s usually asking too much at 8:30 in the morning with kids shouting “can I have this,” and me responding with my “put it on your Christmas list!”  That’s been my go-to phrase for years, by the way.

I digress.  So, I was planning on buying whole cinnamon stick yesterday at my local Walmart, and I figured it was a no-brainer – of course, it’s going to be in the seasoning section (which in my Walmart is also the baking aisle).   I found candied ginger and whole vanilla bean, but alas no whole cinnamon stick.

Bummer.  So I started to think, if I were a man sitting behind a desk where would I hide the cinnamon stick so no one could possibly buy it, hence making room for another product?

This spurred me in the direction of the candles – I was thinking potpourri and cinnamon sticks.  Suddenly, the “Mexican Foods” sign caught my attention and I changed course, and sure enough – there was my cinnamon stick (whole) hanging right next to the corn husks.

Hm.  I sort of understand why it was there, but I wonder why it didn’t qualify as a seasoning.  In this case, perhaps it would’ve made sense to put it in both locations.

Is it just me?  Are you having trouble finding things at your local Walmart?  I need to know!  Post me a comment and tell me where they’re hiding stuff at your local Walmart.

And look for my next post on “Where in Walmart is it?”  My husband is somewhere cringing right now.

Update: As of October 15th, 2011 my Walmart is now carrying cinnamon sticks in the spice aisle!  Hooray!

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10 thoughts on “Where in Walmart is it?

  1. Tara Kizer says:

    Too, too funny! I’m one of David’s Green Belt students. I laughed so hard i snorted because i could just imangine him talking about this in one of his classes 🙂 I too have to agree…i would expect to find cinnamon sticks in the baking aisle. It’s been a while since i couldn’t find what i needed (not considering out of stock). I’ll let you know next time i have to hunt.

    Wait…i just remembered. Kitchen twine….i have looked and looked for that for years; assuming they should at least have it around thanksgiving/Christmas. But…nope! Finally, one associate was determined to help me. He finally directed me to Hardware, were they have 100% cotton twine….which can be used for cooking. Maybe we’ll see them place some of that over by the turkeys, basters, and roasting pans this year! Better than going to Williams-Sonoma and spending $15 on it.


  2. Cinnamon Vogue says:

    If they were in the Mexican section, they should be Ceylon Cinnamon because this is the type of Cinnamon sticks used in Mexico. If you find Cinnamon sticks in the spice section then it must have been Cassia Cinnamon.

    But Walmart should develop an ” App ” for that. That would be cool and we can all save time. We can just enter our shopping list on our smart phones and it would point to where everything is, without having to walk for hours and not find what you came looking for. But then again if we find everything we need fast we will probably leave the store fast, not buy too much stuff and not get enough exercise. 🙂


  3. Rob Dickerson says:

    Thank you for directing me to the cinnamon sticks. I to was at Walmart looking for them but alas I could not find them hence why I typed “where can I buy whole cinnamon sticks” in Google and well, here I am.


  4. miguel says:

    ALL the time. i asked where the cooking bags were, the nice lady said over there. i asked where? over there…… i also asked where the cooking twine was. the what? never heard of that before and went back to stocking shelves


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