About Me

July 30 20135 037Hi!  I’m Gina, and I manage chaos.  Truth be told, sometimes chaos manages me!  Welcome to my blog!  I am the proud mother of a couple of blondies and brownies, and I love to bake.  Here you’ll find some of my favorite recipes.

A few things about me. . .

I’m a free spirit . . .black sheep. . .odd duck – and I love being different!  😉

I grew up in an offbeat Italian-English-Scottish-American household in the South.

When I was 5, my older brother and I went to a cooking class and I was hooked!

I have to nosh on something sweet everyday.

I love to shop – it’s in my blood.  I’ll shop the internet, in local stores, occasionally I’ve been known to bid on Ebay, and Etsy has my name written all over it.

I love getting my hands on new cookbooks, vintage cake forks, & anything galvanized.

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma – Go Sooners!

I’m an (off-duty) Marine wife and I ♥ veterans.  🙂


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for creating this great website/blog dedicated to good and creative food! Where is the recipe for the beautiful rose cake and chocolate iced cup cakes. I am so excited to create something similar to this! Thanks again so much!
    Your newest fan! ~Lisa


    • blondieandbrownies says:

      Diane – thanks so much for your comment! Sometimes (like everyone else) I forget I’m out there on the big wide web – so when you said your 11 year old found me it was incredible incentive for me to keep it clean!


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