Ice Cream Orange Pumpkin

The hardest part about this project, was getting the picture taken before the ice cream started to melt!  They’re really quite simple, and the kids love them.

Chocolate Ice Cream “Pumpkin” Adapted from The Children’s Party Handbook

6 navel oranges

3 pints of chocolate ice cream

2 Creme-filled Pirouette Cookies (I used Chocolate Hazelnut)

Cut the top off of the orange, then cut a small circle out of the center, and place about 1-inch (length) of a pirouette cookie in the top for the stem.  Set aside.

Using a paring knife, cut the inside out of the orange.  I did this by cutting between the fruit and the pith, and then scooping out the orange segments with a grapefruit spoon (the serrated sides really helped).

Then I scraped out the orange until most of the juice was gone, and then cut out the face with the paring knife.

Scoop ice cream into the orange “pumpkin” and place the top on and serve!

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