Crazy Halloween Spiders

My kids are off on Fall break, so we decided it would be fun to make some Halloween treats.  These were a top pick, and they were super easy to put together – the most time-consuming part was waiting for them to dry.

With that said, please read the post completely before embarking on this adventure, as I found that using pretzel sticks for the legs is easier if you have to transport these guys anywhere (such as a school party or your dining room table).

These would also be really fun to make at a Halloween party – they’re completely edible so it’s (potentially) one less thing to carry home!

Crazy Halloween Spiders Adapted from Gooseberry Patch Halloween

1 box of chocolate covered marshmallow cookies

Black licorice (I’ll buy the chocolate or red licorice next time, since my kids aren’t big fans of the black licorice)

Royal icing eyes (I found some at my local Walmart in the cake decorating section)

Royal icing or cookie decorating icing

Cut each licorice stick into 4 pieces for the legs.

Turn the cookie upside down (gently, so it doesn’t get smooshed) and place a thick dollop of icing in the middle of the cookie.  Then carefully push the licorice legs into the icing.  Let sit overnight, if possible, or until dry.

Then, gently turn the spider over (right-side up) and place a dot of icing on the back of each eye and place them on the cookie.   Let the spiders dry overnight, or until set.  Enjoy!

*Even after an overnight drying – the legs were still quite fragile.  Translation: The legs are too heavy, and it’s hard for the icing to do the work of denture adhesive.

I made the spider below. . .with pretzel sticks gouged into the sides.  It worked pretty well, actually.  My kids say it’s much cuter (“and more delicious”) than the one above, and it’s infinitely less frustrating and tempermental!

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