Edible Candy Necklace

This edible necklace is my take on the candy necklaces that we all enjoyed in the 70s, 80s, and 90s – are they still around???

Anyway, I never did like the candies that were on them and there are so many options (cereal, candies, cookies, etc) available nowadays – so there’s no excuse not to string your own (or have your kids do it)!

In fact, stringing these necklaces is a great activity to do at a party, or if you’re homeschooling you could use this to practice patterns and counting.

Plus it’s edible, so that alone makes it a winner in my book!  You can even customize these to make them appropriate for even your youngest party guests.

To make these you need. . .



Chocolate-covered pretzels (white & dark)

Gummy circles

Cookies (any with holes in the center)

Cereal (again, with holes in the center)

Set of yarn darners (I found some at Walmart for under $2 for a set of 7) – they’re essentially a large-eyed needle – don’t skip buying these it’ll make threading so much easier!!!

Cut the twine to the desired length, and start threading, then tie it off when you’re done!

I packaged these in individual cellophane bags with a twist tie on top.

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Update March 6, 2012: My kids and I had fun making these on a playdate we hosted at our house.  I opted to use regular fudge cookies (since the hole in the center is large and easier to string – without needles) and I’m happy to say that all the kids (ages 4 and up) were able to do these without assistance.  Success!

42 thoughts on “Edible Candy Necklace

  1. Jen says:

    babysitting 4 little ones tomorrow…and they always HAVE to do crafts when they’re here. i think this will be perfect!!! i mean come on…craft time and snack time in one?! thanks for sharing!


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