S’more Snowman Pretzels

Is it too early to talk about Christmas?  If you’re like me, it’s never too early!  Plus, this year we’re celebrating in three locations, which means I’ll be bringing Christmas goodies with me this Thanksgiving.

I’m already knee-deep in candy making – I still have the cookies & cakes to go.  Oh, and my daughter has a Thanksgiving party, another one has a Pirate performance, then there’s the canned food drive and Caring and Sharing for school.  And that’s just before Thanksgiving.  Yikes!

If you’re crazy-busy like me, then this treat is a break from all the hard-core baking, and they’re super cute.

This is a (Christmas) twist on the S’more Ghost Marshmallows.  Click here for directions on how to make the chocolate dipped marshmallow.

These are really quite simple, and would be great as place settings at Christmas dinner, at school parties as treats, or as an easy dessert buffet item.  You could also put a pretzel stick in the bottom of the marshmallow (after dipping & drying) and use it as a cute cupcake topper.

So let’s get down to business.

First, I decorated the face with edible markers, then I inserted a pretzel stick into the center of the marshmallow, and set aside.

When all of the marshmallows have cheery faces (complete with a light dusting of powdered food coloring for blush – applied with a food-only paintbrush) & pretzel sticks, then I prepare them as usual.  Follow the link above for directions for the chocolate/graham cracker dipping part.

These are also adorable on their own, so if you don’t want to go to all the trouble of dipping them, you can simply take away the pretzel stick (and package them in a cellophane bag) and you have the cutest marshmallows just waiting for a nice cup of hot chocolate.  Perfect for gifting to teachers and friends this holiday season!

*Inspired by Yum! Magazine for Kids and Celebrate Magazine.

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