American Makers & My Favorite Shops

I can’t believe it’s already September, and with Labor Day upon us so many retailers are throwing out sales!  Woohoo!

I have put together a list of some of my favorite online shops – some American made, and some not.  I know Christmas is a few months away, but I like to start my budgeting, and buying, in August.

I know that sounds crazy, but once I have a list it makes it so much easier to buy items when they’re on sale.

So, without further ado, here is my list!  I hope you love these stores as much as I do!

Be sure to sign up for newsletters, and stalk them on Facebook to keep up with sales/promotions.

Hedley & Bennett – American Made “Proper Bad Ass LA Made Aprons”

Photo Source: Hedley & Bennett

Photo Source: Dinner At Tiffani’s

If you ever watch Dinner at Tiffani’s with Tiffani Thiessen, then you’ve seen these aprons.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her wear a repeat, but can we agree that they’re all fabulous?!

I’ve bought a few aprons, maybe 1/2 a dozen.  No telling for sure (or at least, I’m not telling).  But they’re all made of solid, sturdy fabric, and they wash well (they may need some ironing after coming out of the dryer, but nothing major).

They have rapid fire shipping – everything I’ve ordered has been shipped in less than 24 hours – it’s unreal.

And I love that they always have something extra in the package, like a small sample of olive oil or salt.  It’s the little things my friends.  Oh, and their mascot is a pig named Oliver!  Sigh, can it get any better than this?!

So check out their website, even their warehouse is amazing.  And hello, I got an email from them to check in with me about my purchase from the “happiness deliverer” – sign me up for that title!

Piebox – American Made “Take Pie Anywhere (and Cake Too!)”

Photo Source: Piebox

Now who can resist a cute wood box to tote pie, cake, and cookies in?  Well, not me, that’s for sure.  In fact, I use these babies to store birthday cards/stationery and pre-cut parchment sheets, as well as cupcakes and muffins.  Just so we’re clear – not at the same time.

And right now, they’re offering a special edition, “Sugarbox.”

Magnolia Market

Okay, so truth time.  I have never seen their show “Fixer Upper.”  Not even once.  But somehow I ended up on their shopping website.  I must’ve read about them in a magazine.

They have lightning fast shipping (within 24 hours of ordering), and I’ve ordered several 1/2 dozen times.  My orders have all been correct, and well packed.

A lot of people have said online that the prices of Magnolia are equal to Pottery Barn.  I personally think PB is more expensive in (both) price of goods and shipping.

Antique Olive Bucket

Antique Olive Bucket            Photo Source: Magnolia Market      Regular price $68.00

Take this Antique Olive Bucket for instance – that’s an awesome price for one of these babies!  Shipping will be more than the $5 you would spend on Decor Steals, but you don’t have to wait until they offer them again.

"Magnolia" Market Tote

“Magnolia” Market Tote       Photo Source: Magnolia Market

And these tote bags are the ones that they let you use to shop with while you’re visiting their store.  Due to the demand, they are now selling them on their website!  Yay!

Seed & Supply Sack

Photo Source: Magnolia Market       Seed & Supply Sack

I had to include this Seed & Supply Sack because I get asked often about where I bought it.  Right now they’re $10 each, plus shipping.  It’s made from a thick kraft paper, and it should last for awhile, as long as my son isn’t carrying it (he likes to drag all of my bags on the concrete).

Another common complaint I saw, was that a lot of the décor items at Magnolia are made in China.  Unfortunately, that’s true about a lot of reproductions (and products in general) sold in most stores these days.  However, if you go on their website and search for “vintage” they list a handful of things that are truly vintage if that’s your thing.

Vintage Mechanic's Bin

Vintage Mechanic’s Bin       Photo Source: Magnolia Market
And since vintage is totally my thing, I had to have this mechanic’s bin.  I thought of using it to set out my dinner plates for Thanksgiving, turning it over and using it as a stand for cupcakes, or setting a large jug of punch on top of it.  I have one currently holding Weck Jars.  Options are limitless, and I thought it was a steal at $24.

Weck Jars

Photo Source: Weck Jars

Since I mentioned Weck Jars – I have to include them!  They’re sold at Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and Amazon.  But I prefer to buy them directly from their website.

I especially love the mold and cylindrical jars.  These are great for anyone who is trying to get away from plastic.  When you order the jars, they come with glass lids, rubber rings, and metal clamps.

If you’re like me and don’t mind the plastic lids so much, then I suggest going to the accessories tab and purchasing some plastic lids.  They wash up really nice and many of the lids work for a number of different jars.

And since these are actually canning jars, they’re great to bake in (using mold jars 740 or 741).

Photo Source:  Weck Jars

Heirloom Cookie Sheets – American Made “An Investment in Family Traditions for Generations to Come”

Classic Heirloom Cookie Sheet

Photo Source: Heirloom Cookie Sheets

These are my favorite cookie sheets.  They’re stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and they bake beautifully.  Did I mention they’re dishwasher safe?!  😉

At $28.95, plus shipping – they are an investment.  But like their slogan, these will last for generations.  I plan to buy each of my kids a set when they move out.

These would also make a lovely wedding shower/wedding gift, and they would be a fabulous gift for any baker on your Christmas list.  Oh, and don’t forget those high school or college grads!

Sometimes during December they run a sale/promotion, so hit up their Facebook page or website.

RunRunRun  “Where Eco Meets Luxury”

Photo Source: RunRunRun

I first heard about this company when my sister gave me a bag – the Italia Shopper.  I have never seen a nicer folding, reusable, bag before.  The handles are soft and comfortable, and the bags a colorful and washable.

They’re made from recycled plastic bottles, and they’re incredibly lightweight.  Run Run Run offers deals regularly on their website and Facebook pages.  I own both the Malibu and the Italia.  The Malibu is bigger, but for most small errands I love the Italia.  These would make super cute, and functional, stocking stuffers for your young high school kids and college students!

Bonus: they ship fast!



Photo Source: EtúHome; jars not sold with labels, or lids

This website is Europe 2 You, but sold to individual consumers.  I was giddy like a school girl when I stumbled onto their website, because I usually have to track down their products via another retailer.  So I was so excited to buy directly from them.

I just love Hungarian Jars (pictured above) – swoon.  They are so versatile – you can put fairy lights in them, fresh cookies, vintage dessert forks, etc.

Photo Source: EtúHome

Some items are reproductions, and some items are “found,” they usually specify in their listing/product description.

Aren’t these champagne buckets just to die for!  I think they’d make an fabulous table centerpiece all clustered (like the photo).

ColourPop – American Made

August 2016 078

Hands down I get asked the most about makeup while I’m out running errands.  And I love ColourPop, they have eye shadow, lip pencils, blush, highlighter, bronzer, lip glosses, brow pencils, etc.

They don’t carry foundation or powder.  I like to think of them more as icing on the cake, not the crumb coat.  Does that make sense?!

I’m really into eye shadows, and if you’re new to ColourPop you should definitely grab up one of their eye shadow collaborations, or some individual pots like: Nillionaire, I ♥ This, and On The Rocks.

But honestly, I have 25+, and I love them all.  And the eye shadows start at $5 each.  Free shipping, if you spend over $30.  It usually takes about 1-1 1/2 weeks to arrive in your mailbox, but totally worth it.

These are perfect for young girls, college girls, mothers, etc.  And their makeup is not tested on animals.

ColourPop products are super easy to apply, build up color, and they last!  All their makeup is super creamy, so make sure that you remember to put that lid on, or else your product will be sad and dry out.

Just a note – a lot of their colors are shimmery/glittery.  So look closely to the description, and reviews, if you’re looking for matte shades.

And, while the colors and formulas are totally in for the young girls in your life, the names and descriptions might be uncomfortable to explain.  So pick out a few colors without the kiddos looking over your shoulders!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  😉











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