Pie Party (Pizza + Mini Pies)

November 2014 152My husband and I wanted to host a get together for his team and their families, but menus can be tricky this time of year.  I knew I didn’t want to do an early Thanksgiving menu and formal seating – we just wanted something relaxed and casual.  So we decided on fresh, homemade pizza and mini pies.  Yum!

November 2014 145

We had cheese, clam, veggie, and meat.  All of the crusts were made with this crust recipe and brushed with melted roasted garlic sauce before slathering on the sauce.

Then we baked the pizzas for 15 minutes at 400 degrees, let them cool, and then topped them with cheese and toppings and wrapped them in plastic wrap.  The pizzas were refrigerated until the next day, when we baked them off for about 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven.  So they were served perfectly fresh, and my kitchen was spotless!  Victory!

November 2014 148

This veggie pizza was my son’s favorite!

November 2014 197

Then of course, we had pie.  Lots and lots of mini pies.  Like French Silk.

November 2014 182

And Pecan.

November1 2014 177

And of course, Pumpkin.

Pie recipes will be coming soon!

A side note!

As a general rule, when deciding between whole desserts (such as cake or pie) and miniature versions, consider how you’d like the party to flow.  Do you want to invest the time in making individual desserts before the party so that you have time to visit with your guests during?  Or would you prefer to cut everyone a generous slice of dessert during the party?

November 2014 136

In this case, since it was the first time I was meeting everyone, I thought individual desserts would add to the relaxed, and informal, feel of the party by allowing guests to help themselves to portable desserts, while I spent my time socializing and getting to know them.  I also chose to set the pies out as part of the table décor, to allow the guests to help themselves to dessert whenever they fancied.




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