Halloween Cookie Decorating Party

Halloween Party GoodiesMy girls convinced me to host a neighborhood Halloween party this year.  I kept thinking I was a lunatic for agreeing!  I love baking, cooking, and party planning – I just don’t love the house cleaning!

Here are some of the fun ideas we used for our Halloween party. . .

Apple slices with caramel is usually a big hit with kids – I peeled and sliced the apples and soaked them in Sprite for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure every apple got some love.  Then I patted them dry, and refrigerated them (covered) until needed.  Pat them dry again before placing in the caramel and serve immediately, otherwise the apples can make the caramel watery.  Salted caramel recipe coming soon!

All of the kids got to decorate three sugar cookies to eat or take home: there was a ghost, a pumpkin, and a bat.

My oldest wanted to make a spider web pizza.  So she sprinkled the cheese in circles and we split medium (pitted) olives in half and used those as the spiders bodies.  Then we cut sliced olives in half to make the legs.

I made plain ole American buttercream for the frosting and tinted it purple, green, and orange with gel frosting colors.  I purchased these silicone bowls and placed disposable knives in each to keep the colors from mixing.

The kids had fun decorating their cookies and using tons of sprinkles!

Later, some of the kids made these oreo witch shoes.  I used hot glue instead of double sided tape to glue the shoes together, and I opted to use the Wilton treat bags instead of cellophane sheets.

These clear cups were painted (on the inside) with melted chocolate.  Once the chocolate is set you can pour in the drink of your choice.  This one is filled with homemade eggnog.  Recipe coming soon!

For the cookie decorating table, I covered a folding table with kraft paper and used sheets of scrapbooking paper as placemats.  Then I place a large paper serving tray on each and placed one of each cookie for decorating.  Each girl also had an orange paper cup and down the center of the table were foam stickers for (table décor) and decorating their cups.

We also made a lime sherbet ice cream punch.  I grew up in the 80s and this punch was served at most of my school functions – I just had to make it for nostalgia.  I have learned that it’s best if you let everything melt together before serving.  Recipe coming soon!

Not shown: Halloween Bingo.  I don’t have a photo of it, but I want to include it because Bingo is such a fun game.  I bought the Bingo cards at Target and then I purchased a large bag of Hershey kisses to use as place markers.  I took the extra time to count out enough Hershey kisses for each kid to get blackout Bingo (25, for this particular card).  I placed the Hershey kisses in a free standing baking cup that was green and white striped.

For Bingo prizes, each child won their choice of an assortment of full sized candy bars the first time they won.  Every time they won after that, they were able to choose a fun/miniature sized candy from a tiered stand.  Plus, they were able to take home their Hershey kisses when the game was over.







2 thoughts on “Halloween Cookie Decorating Party

  1. Lisa says:

    So fun! Last night at dinner we were talking about who we would want to eat Thanksgiving dinner with (famous people) and Nick said I just want to eat with Gina! 🙂 You are a legend!


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