Walmart Pickup Grocery

So let’s get this out of the way first. My husband works for the Walmart Home Office, but I’m just a customer and an equal opportunity shopper.  I wasn’t compensated for this post, or even remotely asked to give my opinion in any way whatsoever – which makes it way more fun to give my opinion!.

Anywho, let’s talk about this new Walmart Pickup Grocery – it’s a whole new store.  It’s smaller than a Neighborhood Market and it has covered parking for pickups.  And I suppose I can’t really talk about it without telling you that I live in Walmart country – that is Bentonville AR.  So this new model is actually being tested out here (in Walmart’s backyard – figuratively speaking) and hopefully will be coming soon to a location near you!

So, why am I telling you about it when you don’t even have one yet? Because I love it. Love it.  Love it.  And I want you to jump for joy and yell into the heavens when you get one!  Because I believe everyone could benefit from this service – new moms, working parents, singles, sick people, etc.  And there’s no charge for picking up your groceries – it’s free!

It takes no time at all to set up an account, plus if you already have a account you can use it to login – easy peasy. Then you can shop the categories, or simply type in the item you’re looking for, and add it to your cart.  If you don’t have time to finish the process in one sitting, no problem!  The site saves your cart for you.

It literally took 5 minutes from checking in to get my groceries loaded into the back of my car.  I’ve been twice, and even though I was hesitant I bought some fresh produce and it was fresh, minus one bell pepper that was a little older than I would have normally chosen.  However, I recognize that I’m really picky about produce.  I get it, everyone’s got their thing, and that’s mine.

My order was correct both times, and I felt like I was cheating.  You know, because I didn’t have to suffer through shopping for all the groceries.  It was liberating, and I was giddy like a school girl.

So happy that I announced to my 4 year old that “I’m so happy right now I could kiss that guy (loading my groceries)!”  To which she appropriately replied “maybe you can ask him on a date.”  Well, that’s not exactly where my thought train was going, but I suppose asking the guy on a date would make more sense than just walking up and kissing him.  First things first – which makes complete sense if it weren’t just an expression.

So, if you live in Bentonville, or in the surrounding towns, sign up for an invitation to be sent to you when this service goes live.  Which I heard was September 29th, 2014.  Don’t blame me if you’re suddenly overwhelmed with indescribable happiness and want to kiss someone too.  Your secret’s safe with me.

Also, if you don’t happen to live near Bentonville, stop by the site and type in your zip code and email so that an update can be sent to you when one opens up in your area.


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