Sugar Cookie Party Favor

Claire's 4th Birthday Party 222It just so happens that my sister and I both decided to throw butterfly parties within a month of each other this year.  Crazy, right?

Well, great minds think alike, or something like that.

She was debating about what kind of party favor to make, and I told her that I was going to bake sugar cookies, let the kids decorate them, and then take them home.

Then reality hit me, and I realized that the young guests that I was having over would be more interested in playing with each other than cookie decorating.

Claire's 4th Birthday Party 221

Plus, who needs hyper kids throwing sprinkles everywhere?!  So I decided to put a to-go kit together so they can throw sprinkles around their own homes!

I say brilliant!

*The popsicle stick would be so cute if they were partially dipped in paint, stamped with a cookie, or decorated with washi tape.

Here is a rundown of where I got everything!

popsicle sticks at Walmart

square baking pans with lids King Arthur Flour (or also available here)

mini colored marshmallows Walmart

portion cups with lids Walmart (on the plastic cup aisle)

assorted sprinkles Hobby Lobby

1.5″ x 2″ plastic jewelry bags Hobby Lobby

mini butterfly cookie cutter Amazon


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