The Big Brother Box

Big Brother Box 001

As you may have surmised from my previous post, I’m getting a new niece.  You know, since I said that and everything.  What I didn’t mention is that she is joining a big brother, and I’m heading out to visit (with my family) in a couple of weeks to help my sister out.  And by help out, I mean hold the baby, chase the big brother and tickle him, go shopping, and entertain my kids.  It’s going to be fun, because as luck would have it, I like children of all ages.

I’ve been racking my brain about what to get my nephew, since I know (from experience) that it’s hard for siblings to get displaced, so I decided I would make the big brother his very own goodie box.  The preschool my kids went to, used to have a box like this for each kid to pick one thing out of during their school parties, and they loved it.  So it just seemed natural that my nephew would love it too (fingers crossed!), especially since all the items in the box are just for him.

I plan to add a few more things – edible ones, like some whoppers, orange fruit cups (because he loves fruit), and maybe some prepackaged muffins.  Oh, and the box in the above picture had to be changed out because I couldn’t fit everything in, thus the box in the picture below looks much bigger, because it is!

Big Brother Box 007

The box reads: “Caleb’s Big Brother Box”

This would also be perfect to put goodie bags/treats in for a birthday, or school, party.


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