Snowman Candy Bar Party Favors

Snowman 004

I’ll be back to sharing recipes really soon, but today is all about party favors!  I have a tendency to go overboard, and my husband suggested that I just give out bags of candy as party favors for my daughter’s birthday.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with his idea, I’m one of those people who care about how much thought was put into the gift, not the price.

I remembered that I had torn this idea from a Martha Stewart Living magazine years ago, and knew it was perfect!  My daughter and I had a lot of fun putting these cuties together.

Snowman Candy Bar Party Favors Adapted from Martha Stewart Living Magazine

XL Candy Bars (I bought the Hershey XL bars)

Freezer paper – I tore off 14 inch sheets (but it will depend on the size of the candy bar)

Black ink pad

Colored yarn (I used Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in Baby Blue)

Orange felt or construction paper

Strong clear tape



Place the freezer paper down, shiny side up, short end facing you and wrap your candy up.  Tape the back of the paper, and fold down the ends – like wrapping a present and tape those too.

Turn the covered candy bar over and dipping the tip of your pinky finger in ink – gently dab on the eyes and the mouth.  I dipped my finger after each stamp for consistent color.

Cut the felt into narrow triangles, and glue the felt nose into place between the eyes and the mouth.  Take the yarn and cut about 2 feet, fold it over (so you have a double scarf) and tie it in a knot around the “neck.”  Then simple trim the ends with scissors to the desired length.


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