I just couldn’t resist making “tackle boxes” for my son’s Fishing Party.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

I used a paper punch to make the tags (using cardstock with printed names) and removable glue dots to stick the tags to the boxes.  I purchased these mini kraft gable boxes when they were featured on Pick Your Plum.

As you can see below, I didn’t have time to devote to making cute labels for the candies, but I still wanted them labeled so the kids could tell what the individual bags of candy were supposed to represent.

Fishing Line – red licorice wheels

Hooks – Flipz white fudge pretzels – cut into hook shapes

Bait – gummy worms

I didn’t actually buy these candies from the above linked sites, but I wanted to have links so you could find them yourself.  I was able to purchase the licorice and gummy worms at my local Fresh Market, and the pretzels in the candy section of my local Walmart.