Mason Jar Party Favors

The Mason Jar Drink glass is trendy right now, but if you’re like me, then you probably know people who’ve been drinking out of these beauties for years.  I am loving the square Mason jar – so I purchased some of these for my daughter’s Bowling party favors.

I’ve listed some resources below in case your considering doing the same.  I put a hand sanitizer, a glow in the dark holder, and some candy inside for a sweet (and useful) gift.  Trust me, I hemmed and hawed about this one – do I buy something that everyone might throw away even though it’s reusable, or do I buy junk that’s definitely going to be thrown away?

I think you know where I landed.

*Just a note, I haven’t purchased from all of these sites, those that I have are marked with an “*” and I’ve had good experiences with them – no broken glasses and such.

Candle Soylutions Square Mason Jar*

8 ounce Mason Jar with Daisy Cut Pewter Lid*

8 ounce Mason Jar with Daisy Cut Lid*

Daisy Cut Mason Jar Lids*

Daisy Cut Lids – it’ll say $0.00 until you add them to your cart*

8 ounce Square Mason Jar

Pewter Daisy Cut Lid – sold separately

Kara’s Party Ideas – where to buy square Mason jars with lids individually


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