Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again – it’s teacher appreciation week!  I saw this flower idea in this fabulous kids party book.  It turned out really cute – to finish it off, I ended up tying some twine around the can with a gift tag for the teacher.

And I love that it’s not breakable since it was dropped shortly after this picture was taken.  Plus it’s recyclable and little ones of all ages can help you arrange flowers.  With that said, I strongly suggest purchasing one of these smooth edge can openers to ensure that there are no sharp edges on the can.

I saw this idea in another fabulous party book (if you don’t believe me, just look at the reviews!).  I love the idea of giving teachers apples, although I know that they’re not particularly fond of being given apples year after year.  And that’s why I love this idea so much, because the packaging just looks like an apple, but inside I’ve individually wrapped two brownies.

I bought these bags at my local craft store, they came in a mixed bag of 12, and (luckily) I bought extra since some of them weren’t glued well on the sides.  Then I cut the brownies to size, wrapped them in plastic wrap, and stacked them inside the bag.

Next I gathered the bag in the middle – pushing the sides in, then I folded the top of the bag like a fan and wrapped it in floral tape.  Next I used a small leaf punch to cut leaves out of coordinating scrapbooking paper, and I attached it to the bag with a glue dot.

Super cute, and really fun to make!


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