Freezing Buttermilk

This is what I did today – I measured buttermilk into freezer containers so I wouldn’t have to pour it down the drain.  And I had lots of buttermilk to freeze since I buy a new 1/2 gallon every two weeks “just in case” I need it for any baking recipes that I might want to try on the fly.  Hopefully this will save me from buying buttermilk for awhile!

And if you’re like me and wonder how long your foods will last past their expiration dates, look no further!  You can head over to Still Tasty* and find out.

*As published in Food Network Magazine

Stay tuned – next I’m posting the chocolate chip cookie recipe that earned my daughter a round of applause from her class!


3 thoughts on “Freezing Buttermilk

    • blondieandbrownies says:

      Hi Angela! Thanks for your comment. I did three different amounts – 2 cups, 1 cup, and 3/4 cup. However you decide to measure your buttermilk, be sure to leave 1 inch of space at the top for expansion. I plan on letting the milk return to liquid form overnight in the refrigerator. But in a pinch, I’ll probably run the container under lukewarm water and shake it until it’s defrosted! I’ve also read that it’s best to use frozen buttermilk in baked/cooked dishes since the flavor and texture can change in the freezer.


      • Angela says:

        Thank you! I always need buttermilk when I don’t have it! And never seem to use it when I have it. 🙂 You have motivated me.


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