Square Marshmallow Snowmen Pops

Is it just me or are things getting harder?  You know, like throwing a school Christmas party.  Nowadays it seems like everyone wants to be all PC, so moms are scrambling around trying to find holiday themes that don’t involve Santa.  If you’re one of those moms, or you happen to like snowmen (like me), then these are the pops for you!

Marshmallow Sucker Adapted from these cute suckers here, in case you’d rather buy them.

These are really quite simple, all you need is. . .

1 bag of square marshmallows

1 package of wooden skewers

Edible markers

*I made approx. 12 of these, so make the proper adjustments if you want more!  This also accounts for the marshmallows that I skewered to death.

Skewer the marshmallows, using the pointed end – carefully (the back of the sticks didn’t look pretty).  Then gently scoot each marshmallow down to make room for the next one.  Next, I simply drew on their faces (and scarves) with edible markers, and then dusted on some powdered food coloring (with a food-only brush) for the blushed cheeks.

You could also use regular marshmallows and rid yourself of the difficulty of skewering flat marshmallows, but I happen to like the look of the square ones.  However, if I were to make these for lots of kids I would (without hesitation) use regular marshmallows.

These would be super cute for kids to decorate at a Christmas party (just make sure you’ve already skewered them and have enough edible markers to go around – or a marker-station).  They would also make a cute party favor all wrapped up in cellophane.

Here’s a photo of my daughter’s rainbow one, she is so creative!  Looks better than mine, right?!

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