Santa Berry

Aren’t these the cutest Santas ever?!  The trick is finding strawberries in season this time of year.  I know they can get expensive, but they’re worth it!

These are a perfect project for the kids to make at their own holiday table on Christmas Eve, great for class parties, or perfect for that holiday buffet.

The original recipe called for the use of frilly toothpicks, but I haven’t been able to find them around town, so I modified that by using a small marshmallow on the top of the toothpick.

My son told me that the Santa (pictured above) “looks creepy” without a mouth, so we fixed that below!

Santa Berry Adapted from Simple & Delicious Nov/Dec 2006

To make these handsome guys you need. . .

12 large strawberries, hulled

1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened

1 cup powdered sugar

12 red-frilled toothpicks, or regular toothpicks and 12 mini marshmallows

1 loaf (10 3/4 ounces) frozen pound cake, thawed or homemade pound cake, recipe here

24 miniature semisweet chocolate chips and 12 red hots for the mouth, or an extra 12 chocolate chips for the mouth

12 fudge-covered cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies

*These treats are also printed in Betty Crocker Celebrate! with some differences, such as pineapple in lieu of the pound cake and marshmallow/cream cheese frosting (8 ounce cream cheese mixed with 1 cup of marshmallow creme) which I’m definitely trying next time – yum!

Cut the strawberries widthwise – keeping mates together.  Then trim the crust off the pound cake and cut large cubes – then set each cube between the berries and trim to size.

Next stick a toothpick through the berries and cake, and place a mini marshmallow on the top of the toothpick still sticking out.

In a medium bowl, beat the cream cheese and powdered sugar together until smooth and scoop into a frosting bag fitted with a small star tip (such as #18).  Pipe around the rim of the hat (the top strawberry), then pipe the beard and down the sides of the front of the face.

Dab the back of the mini chocolate chips with frosting and place them onto the cake.  Add the red hot (or additional chocolate chip) for the mouth.

*Optional, dust the cake with powdered food coloring for a blushing Santa (the one on the left).

These guys go quick, so make plenty!

Santa Berry can’t believe his friend Frosty has melted!  Oh dear!

For the melting snowman shown above, click here.

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