Shrunken Apple Head

My daughter needed to make a “creature” out of an apple for a school assignment.  So we all tossed around ideas at the table, until I jumped up and announced that we were making something that had a shrunken head (because I’d always wanted to try it, but just couldn’t bring myself to waste a perfectly good apple).

Shrunken Apple Head  from

1 cup of lemon juice (I used the bottle kind)

1 Tablespoon of salt

Combine in a small (deep) bowl and set aside – I used a small plastic container.

Peel the apple and then have your husband cut deep facial features with a paring knife (so they’ll sink when the apple shrivels up).

Then put the apple into the solution to “cure” for 30 seconds – rolling it around.  Pat dry with a paper towel and set on a paper plate (out of the way) to dry for 8 days.

Then you can simply put a bamboo skewer through it and litter your yard (or someone else’s) with shrunken heads, or make an old witch (like we did).

This apple head is mounted on a bamboo skewer with yarn “hair” glued to the top of the skewer.  The top of the hat was made with construction paper in the shape of a cone and a circle with a hole cut out for the brim.  The dress was another construction paper cone taped.


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