Spongebob & Patrick Cookies

As I mentioned in an earlier post – it’s been crazy with birthdays over here!  In addition to the pool cake, my sweet little boy also wanted cookies.  But not just any cookies (of course) – Spongebob & Patrick cookies.  Instead of serving them with the cake, they served as party favors – thus the cellophane baggies.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a perfectionist?  Well, I am – it’s a major (time-consuming) flaw.  I made notes for myself for the next time I make these – like making the blue part of the eye bigger!  But in truth, I suppose we all tend to be our worst critics – noticing every little imperfection.

Moving on!  Since these cookies were decorated in royal icing, here are a couple of my favorite tips for decorating with it:

1. Use a fan to dry the frosting for a nice gloss – Sweet Sugarbelle

2. Mist the icing to achieve the perfect consistency – One Tough Cookie

3. And remember, we all have different handwriting so your frosting “writing” is going to be individual just like you!

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